March 02, 2010

30 Reason to Marry that Girl

1) I Love her.
2) She loves me.
3) I’m happy with her.
4) She happy with me.
5) I want her to be my wife.
6) She is shy person.
7) She so cute.
8) I like her eyes.
9) I don’t have a reason to love her. Just I love her.
10) I want to know everything she did.
11) I love her smile.
12) She always makes me happy.
13) When I get up I want her to be at my side.
14) I want to say I love her every day.
15) I like her the way she is.
16) She is my future.
17) I want her to be my mother daughter in law.
18) She the one who change me to be a good person.
19) She understands me.
20) I like her attitude.
21) She so polite.
22) I always miss her.
23) She like the last Malay women.
24) I like the way he walk.
25) I like the way she eat.
26) I like the way she act.
27) She is in my dream
28) She is my women.
29) I like to be with her.
30) I likes everything about her.

Note : Lawa Kan??Terima Kasih En Sayang! :)
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